Your Self-Realization: What Really Threatens It

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So many clever words have been said and written about what self-realization is and why it’s so important for every person to live his or her happy life. The notion of self-realization has become a key issue discussed at various kinds of trainings and seminars. Hundreds of tests with different level of reliability have been developed with the noble aim to help you find out what self-realization is for you and how motivated you are to achieve it.

That all is really great, but there is still one small detail, one very unobtrusive but essential question, left without proper consideration.

The Core of the Problem

Today self-realization seems to be literally on everybody’s lips. It tends to turn into a specific criterion for or appraisal of a person’s attitude towards his or her own goals and the means to achieve them, especially when it comes to young people who are standing at their young lives’ crossroads.

So sticking to the idea of self-realization, you’re supposed to know or at least imagine who you are, what you can and what you want. Then using these three tips, you’re believed to come up with a well-thought plan or effective methods for bringing your desires into life. If you succeed, you become recognized as that particular kind of person who has managed to attain self-realization.

However, in reality nothing is as simple as you wish it was. The three abovementioned questions you should ask yourself in the context of self-realization are really difficult to answer even for the one who graduated from the university and got a job.

Let’s agree on the point that we’re here not to look for excuses for those people who can’t decide why they need their lives. We’re here to discover the reasons why self-realization may be such a complex issue and painful goal for you. The knowledge of these reasons will help you find the best ways to obviate them and finally get what you want.

Some Preface

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Before we move further down, let’s clarify a few things. They’ll come in handy if we face something really confusing.

What Is Self-Realization?

Basing on Abraham Maslow’s ideas, Wikipedia states that self-realization means psychological growth of a personality.

Abraham Maslow, who was an American psychologist, created the so called Hierarchy of Needs. He shaped this hierarchy into a pyramid and placed physiological needs (breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping) in its base. This means that in order to normally fulfill the needs of higher levels, at first you should satisfy these basic needs. The most important thing about this hierarchy was that the need for self-actualization, as Maslow called it, was placed at the very top of the pyramid.

Consequently, self-actualization can be achieved through the constant growth which is provided by satisfaction of all needs. Growth means self-realization. That is to say that your self-realization is your main way to develop your personality and become who you really are.

From Theory to Practice

The idea of self-realization is a very complex one. We’ll try to imagine it as a well-made puzzle, consisting of four interconnected elements.

  1. Your knowledge and how complete, many-sided and useful it is.
  2. Your skills and how applicable they are.
  3. Your ability to find the right directions to what you want to achieve and follow it.
  4. Your understanding or account of what you do in order to achieve what you want.

Discovering the Threats

The reasons why all those self-realization recommendations and training techniques don’t work with you lie deep inside your habits and routine. So let’s identify the main threatening factors which do prevent your self-realization. Note that they’re quite obvious. The fact that you haven’t noticed them before is more likely to mean that you’ve never wanted to muse them over, than that you’ve never thought about them at all.

Threat #1 Senseless Complaints

Sit down and think for while whether you’d like to communicate with a person who can always find something to complain of. No, you probably wouldn’t. If you don’t like something about yourself or about the situation around you, it’ll probably be better to go and change this something. You’ll see, complaints won’t get anything started.

Threat #2 Fear for the Absence of Friends

Now think about great inventors. Take Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell, or whoever comes to your mind. It’s very unlikely that they had friends who could share their “hobbies”. If you’re really fond of something, don’t give it up just because you believe you’re alone with your interest. You may regret it for the rest of your life. Continue following your way and you’ll definitely bump into a true soul mate.

Threat #3 The Curse of Procrastination

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Putting all the jokes aside, once and for all remember that you should never leave for tomorrow what you can do here and now. Catch the moment when Its Majesty the Universe is on your side. Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Threat #4 Conviction that Geniuses Were Born Geniuses

Well, even if the people we regard as geniuses are really naturally gifted, anyway they have to work hard to reveal their amazing talents. Actually, we all are born geniuses, but we treat this fact differently. Think about those geniuses you want to be like and decide why their gift is so important for you. Analyze what they did to become who they are and you can do to achieve the same goal. Again, don’t leave the first step for another tomorrow. Start from today.

Threat #5 Inability to Say No

What will you get from something you don’t want to do? Right, nothing. Except for the bad mood, probably. If you don’t feel like watching that movie, then go and watch the one you want. By the way, refusal is a nice way to check whether the person you refuse to is your friend or no. A friend will understand.

Threat #6 Lack of Knowledge

You can’t go anywhere without knowledge. The more you learn the more you realize that there are so many things you still don’t know. That’s a paradox, but that’s how it works if you want to develop yourself and become who you are. Knowledge isn’t necessarily about getting the Noble prize. It’s about your individual awareness of the world around you and the piece of cake for your breakfast.

Threat #7 Internet Addiction

Sure, nowadays the Internet is what we assume by default as a part of our everyday life. The thing is that it’s just a means, though a very powerful one, but not the reason to live. Nothing dreadful will happen if you answer this message a few hours later. Instead, use this time to search for a nice and useful piece of information for your nearest project.

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