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Let us be honest with each other and with our sometimes too autocratic selves: we cannot go far without education, and your school or college classes with all possible home writing assignments make a significant part of your life. This is so not only because you have to spend most of your teenage life time on them, but also because the way you spend it will have a great influence on your own future.

Now it may seem as if someone took a few heavy stones from the Mountain of Responsibility and the Mountain of Duty, and put them on your shoulders. There may be many voices in your head telling what you should and should not do, making you choose this and not that way, without even asking you about your own considerations. What can you do to make them all keep quiet for at least a few minutes and to collect your thoughts? Well, personally I imagine the voice of Albus Dumbledore roaring “Silence!” inside my head, just like Dumbledore did in one of Harry Potter’s movies, or, when it does not help either, I roar “Silence!” out loud (anyway, it is better to do the latter when you are all alone). That really helps.

Then you should go to the bathroom and wash your face, take a pen and a sheet of paper, settle comfortably down and make a list of all these things which you must be ready with for your school or college classes in the near future, but which you do not want to do. Do not forget to put the deadline near each assignment.

“Okay, I should try to write my essay in American History for next Tuesday and the research paper in sociology should be written until the end of the month”. You see, after you write down all home tasks bothering you day and night, you will find it much easier to concentrate on what exactly you must and how much time you have for it. At the same time, you will be able to estimate the amount of the free time you have for your hobbies, family, pets, friends, meals and just for your more-than-4-hour sleep.

Hope that the perspective of having some time for yourself sounds rather encouraging to you. So, let us see how you can manage all your academic paper writing in order to enjoy both your study and leisure.

Oh, yes, remember that you should definitely do first either those assignments which require more time and efforts or those for which the deadline is the most urgent.

Catch Some Handy Know-Hows for Writing Your College Papers

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In order to make it easier for you to orient yourself to academic writing in general and therefore understand how to deal with it, we are going to divide the most versatile strategies into several groups and then have a closer look at each of them.

One Prior Remark

You should realize that there are actually no universal guidelines which could fit your each and every writing assignment. However, when you know some basic essentials, you will be able to cope with any task with less stress because you know what you to start from and how to set the right direction for your work.

  1. 1. Before You Start to Write

    So, you already know what exactly you must do and you have decided how much time approximately you can spend on writing your essay or some other task. What you should do next is to make out what you need to complete it successfully. These may be not only materials but also some other non-academic things. Have a look below.

  2. 2. Avoid Distracting Factors

    Put the things you do not need away from your table. Switch off your phone and close Facebook on your laptop. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and have enough light. When you feel it is getting difficult to write your essay, go and wash your face or have a cup of coffee. But no Facebook and things like that.

  3. 3. Planning/Outlining

    A clear plan can help you to see almost the whole picture of your essay and to structure. So, outline things you would like to include in your paper.

  4. 4. Materials

    Both the Internet and your college library can be helpful. Also, you can ask your professor to recommend something suitable to you.

  5. 5. Academic Style

    There are three main academic formats: APA, MLA and Chicago. When giving you an essay or a research paper to write, your teacher/professor should mention which one you must use. If he or she did not do it, then you should better ask him/her about it. Also, you can learn more about the requirement of each format in the Net.

  6. 6. Proofreading

    Yes, you should take the trouble to check what you write from time to time and proofread the whole text of your essay after you finish.

  7. 7. Before You Hand the Paper in or Send It

    When printing the ready assignment, check whether the format you have preset is preserved. If sending the paper to your teacher or professor via e-mail, make sure you have attached the file with it.