The Sample of Romeo and Juliet Review: Ideas for Writing

The Sample of Romeo and Juliet Review: Shakespeare’s Masterpiece

Romeo and Juliet

Although this is one of the most outstanding and famous masterpieces of the English literature, many students still know a little about this play and the history of its creation. It is a pity as in this case, they will not be able to get the main sense of this writing and analyze it correctly. According to statistics, most of the assignments of literary classes both at school and college are connected with “Romeo and Juliet.” The majority of young people know it as the main Shakespeare’s work, and sometimes nothing except this play comes to mind while thinking about this author. Nevertheless, these students still have no enough information for completing a paper on this topic which often leads to failures. It is not enough just to read this masterpiece. If you face a writing block while working on this subject, our ideas and prompts will greatly help you. Just pay attention to the sections below.

It Is Not a Shakespeare’s Story

Even if a big part of students thinks that Shakespeare is the first who invented the story of fantastic love between Romeo and Juliet, it is not true. Actually, Arthur Brooks was an author who adapted this plot to the English language. However, it was not new as well. There were lots of the similar things even before Brook’s poem. Anyway, it was a proven fact that Shakespeare took many features from this literary piece and put them into his play. Of course, it did not mean that this outstanding writer plagiarized his work from other sources or had the lack of creativity. It is essential to understand that this play is a perfect adaptation of the love story where an author uses the best qualities of the English language. On the other hand, scholars notice some features of the plot of Ovid’s poem. This ancient poet had also created a story about two young people who were in love with each other. This poem had a tragic end as well, so everyone agreed that Shakespeare used this literary piece as one of the sources.

The Central Love Motif

It is true that the major theme of the play is love. Moreover, “Romeo and Juliet” is considered to be an example of the great power of this feeling and its superiority among others. Without any doubts, there is nothing which can stop it. Loyalty, family values, honesty and so on, all these things seem to be minor because of the huge love power. The young people have to refuse from everything close and dear to them, namely friends, families and all authorities. Hence, they have to fight against the whole world. It also illustrated the issue of sacrificing oneself because of love. Undoubtedly, there had been thousands of poems and novels about this feeling before Shakespeare. The main point is that he did not make it too literary and pretty as we used to read in the literature of the older period. The author shows the power of love as something destroying and violent. It also symbolizes the chaos caused by this feeling which ruins the lives of main heroes. Thus, there was no happy end typical for love stories where young people were married and lived a long and happy life. Shakespeare created a tragic end for this play which proved that love may be destroying once more.

The Fight Against the Society

One more important motif in “Romeo and Juliet” is illustrating the fight of an individual against the society and its rules. In this case, two young people have to cope not only with their families’ influence but with the whole world which tries to urge them to act according to rules and cannons. According to the institutions usual at those times, Juliet had a few rights as she was a woman whose possibilities were poor and minor in the patriarchal system. That is why she faced lots of challenges as well as Romeo who had to betray his heritage because of the power of love. Shakespeare shows that as a rule, such a fight against the rules of the society ends tragically. Probably, these unfair rules became the main reason for the death of two young people.

The Symbol of Poison

Poisoned Juliet

It is essential to highlight this symbol in the play as it is mentioned several times in the story. At first, Friar Lawrence told about the good and bad qualities of herbs. He said that human could use them in several ways. They can bring positive outcomes or be fatal for a person’s life and health. These words are proven in the play a bit later. The second time when a poison is mentioned is making Juliet falling asleep. She looks like she is dead, and Romeo commits suicide because of that. Hence, the poison shows both of the sides. One is neutral which causes no harm, another is fatal for a human life. This is the way of illustrating Friar’s words. Probably, Shakespeare tried to show that everything may have white and black sides, and all the outcomes depend on how you use a certain thing.

The Significance of Queen Mab

It is an interesting character which has a symbolic meaning. She is a fairy which brings dreams to people, according to Mercutio’s words. However, they usually show the dark sides of the dreamers, namely dishonesty, greed and so on. The Queen herself is tiny and can be hardly noticed. Thus, all dreams and desires seem to be unreal and minor as well. This position is completely opposite Romeo and Juliet’s view on their love which they see as something real and trustworthy. They believe that this feeling will survive despite the conservative society and their strict rules.

All in all, this play is full of various symbols and specific motifs. Only via these features, it is possible to understand the true sense of “Romeo and Juliet” and the author’s position. Sure, it is not enough to read this play, you should also use many additional sources of information. For example, the reviews and articles dedicated to this masterpiece can bring you several good ideas and concepts for writing. Remember that such outstanding authors like Shakespeare have some secrets to reveal. It is the part of your analyzing task as well. Writer’s biography and life story are very important if you want to understand his work clearly. Thus, you can also read a few books about Shakespeare. The combination of ideas presented in this article and your efforts can bring you a perfect result.


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