The Sample of “Ivanhoe” Review: Reach Success in Writing

Some students are amazed by sophisticated descriptions of castles and knights. Others dislike too long explanations dedicated to battles and tournaments. However, all of us appreciate a wonderful love story which is presented on the background of the Medieval world with its specific tradition, wonderful banquets, and brave warriors. Hence, people read “Ivanhoe” for dozens of years, and still this novel is popular in libraries and students like classes where they can discuss this book. However, when it comes to writing tasks, many of them are confused and have no idea on how to build their papers. Luckily, it is not a problem anymore as you can use our ideas and arguments. There is a detailed sample of the review of Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe” below. Sure, this literary masterpiece is completely different from those which we described in the previous post. Nevertheless, the contribution made by Walter Scott to the English literature is outstanding. He is the creator of the historical fiction and his works are well-known among the whole world.

The Genre

Walter Scott is the first author who started writing historical novels. He is also considered to be a founder of this genre. Thus, the majority of features which “Ivanhoe” has are good examples for creating novels on historical themes. We can pay attention to Scott’s descriptions of battles, festivals, traditions and rituals of Medieval age which are pretty nice characteristics of this genre. On the other hand, “Ivanhoe” includes lots of adventures and a family drama at the same time. There are also several romance lines in the plot. The happy couple is Ivanhoe and Rowena. On the other hand, Rebecca’s relationships with Ivanhoe or Bois-Guilbert are tragic and sad.

The Style of Writing

It is true that the novel is full of different descriptions and explanations. Everything is illustrated in details from battles to the beauty of castles. The portrait of Rowena catches reader’s attention. Scott creates her image very diligently using the sophisticated language and lots of details. He shows the great contrast between her simple and poor clothes and natural beauty. In this way, the writer makes us sympathize and appreciate this female character. We can even conclude that the style and tone of this novel are emotional and can cause some feelings and sympathies among the audience. Some personages we start hating from the first pages, but we keep others in mind and like them during the whole story.

The Narrator of the Story

It is an interesting fact that the narrator can see everything which happens in the world of this novel. He does not prefer any of the sided of the war. He can notice both Saxons and Normans’ actions and describe each of them. It seems that the narrator knows much more than he tells to a reader. He reveals a piece of information in each part of the story and explains some outstanding and unusual situations which happen. It is important to add that he is never confused and disappointed by the things which are described. It seems that he is aware of lots of facts which remain unknown to the audience and the suspense is built in such a way.

The Allusion on Two Knights on a Horse

It is essential to pay attention to a well-known motif which is illustrated in the novel. In the Medieval times, Templars traveled on one horse with another man. It was fine for them as these people did not look for fame, glory or wealth. Thus, there could be no individual heroic actions and victories. Templars simply did not need it according to their canons and rules. However, we see this allusion on the Brian de Bois-Guilbert’s shield. The author highlights that now another age has come. Thus, it is just an image and this man despite being Templar is not selfless and disinterested.

The Symbol of a Veil

There are two female characters in the novel which play a great role in the plot development. Rebecca and Rowena are completely different, but the thing which connects them is wearing a veil. In those times, many women desired to hide their faces from others on the public. Shyness was one of their features which could help us to recognize these personages better. An interesting situation happened when Beaumanoir said Rebecca to take off the veil during the trial, she did it, and everyone around found her attractive and beautiful. In this way, we could also notice that the man had no respect for this poor young woman and depleted her beliefs.

To sum up, there are several significant features of a historical novel which are the samples for writers who work in this genre even nowadays. Walter Scott created a really unique masterpiece which did not have any analogs in the world. Thus, thousands of students read and analyze this novel in order to get in touch with the described traditions, characters, and events and understand the sense of such a book clearly. Of course, for some of them, this reading may seem to be complicated, and dozens of young people complain that they cannot stay interested while reading tons of descriptions. However, these are one of the major characteristics of the historical fiction.

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