The Example of an Art Paper: The Meaning of “Guernica”


There are no doubts that “Guernica” is one of the most significant artworks of the previous century and it is worth analyzing. Sure, it may be hard to understand anything while seeing this picture at first and having no idea about its creation. At the same time, many young people pick this drawing for completing their assignments for art lessons at college. Why is it so popular? Probably the deep sense of this masterpiece and unusual style delivered by the artist are the major factors which influence the public opinion. However, analyzing this work and writing a good essay about it may be quite complicated tasks. Thus, you can pay attention to the ideas below and reach success faster.

The Reasons for Its Creation

In order to understand this drawing better, it is essential to get in touch with the story of its creation and keep it in mind. “Guernica” has a deep political context and pacifistic propaganda. It was made as a kind of response to bombing a village in Spain called Guernica by Nazi German and Fascist Italia. Airplanes threw more than a thousand of bombs on this town during three hours. Hence, many people were killed, and this event became a tragedy for the whole country. That is why Picasso was ordered to create such a work by the Spanish government for the exposition in Paris. It is a huge mural where all terrific facts happened during this attack on the town are illustrated.

The First Comments

Probably many people think that works created by such an outstanding author as Picasso have been appreciated by everyone and everywhere. However, the situation was completely different in the case of “Guernica.” When he presented it to the public at the exhibition in Paris, the majority of people rejected this drawing. No one was attracted by this artwork. Maybe, the main reason for it was unprepared for such a complicated sense and ideas audience. Nevertheless, many famous critics said that it was the worst picture created by Picasso and even some well-known art magazines published negative reviews about it. At the same time, there were some people who said that if it were the only drawing Picasso had created, he would become one of the most famous artists anyway. The author himself appreciated this work and recalled that there had been lots of different comments both positive and negative.

Symbols and Characters

It is true that there are many symbols and characters which are hard to recognize for an unprepared person. For example, the central figure in this picture is a horse which suffers from agony and pain. Her teeth and nose remind us the form of a human skull. There is an eye over her head which looks like a lamp. It is the symbol of tortures and cruelty. The horse is impaled with a javelin. This is the character which shows suffering and pain caused by the bombing of the town. There is also an important personage of a bull. He stands over the woman who cries because of her dying baby. This character is neutral and does not pay attention to things which happen around. It looks like all these tortures, agony and suffering people do not catch his eye. Many researchers come to the conclusion that this bull is the symbol of Nazi German and Fascist Italy and the world evil. However, there are some people who think that it is the way the author shows indifference and apathy related to others’ grief.

All in all, this work is worth analyzing. It may be very amusing and interesting to research some original information about this drawing. You should not ignore this picture while choosing a subject for your art essay. Keep in mind that there is a deep and important sense which is significant even nowadays. Thus, you should find out more materials about the meaning and hidden symbols of this artwork. Hopefully, this example of a paper will be useful for you and will bring you several benefits.

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