“Robinson Crusoe”: Book for Kids or Serious Masterpiece?

One of the most popular books appreciated both by kids and adults is surely “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe which plays an important role in forming a reader’s worldview and creates some literary traditions and concepts. Dozens of novels were created while following this example and called “robinsonade” which later became a particular genre. Hence, lots of new novels where the main hero had to survive in the wilderness appeared. Both young people and adults appreciate such adventurous stories. However, when a student gets a task to review this novel, some problems may occur. Do not forget that even if it seems to be easy, there are still a few challenges you should overcome in order to reveal a true sense of the book. That is why we prepared a list of the most significant motifs described in this book. The review of “Robinson Crusoe” will become an effortless task for you thanks to this information.

Counting Everything

Probably you notice an interesting fact while reading: Robinson counts and even measures everything around him. It is easy to find a number of situations when he indicates the lengths and size of an object. However, it often brings him no benefits. For example, his canoe which is made with the high accuracy and diligence will never help Crusoe to reach his goals. On the other side, this man counts each day. He notices hours, months and years in order not to lose the amount of time he spends on the island. Nevertheless, it is not very useful as well. Manual counting of hours can be easily mistaken if a person misses a necessary moment as it happens with Robinson when he sleeps too much one day. As a result, we see that there is no advantage for the man even if he counts all these things as he is far away from society. These measurements mean nothing on the island. Moreover, the author shows the nature of a man of those times who wants to be familiar with figures and have a business approach to everything around.

Eat or Be Eaten

This philosophy is illustrated in the Daniel Defoe’s novel. At first, the main hero is afraid that he has nothing to eat and drink. A bit later, he understands how to get some food and water. He even grows his own products and hunts for animals. After all, his daily meals become various and tasty as much as it is possible for an island where no civilization exists. However, after he realizes that there are cannibals nearby, Crusoe becomes afraid of being eaten. He has a fear of being caught and murdered. The man is not a consumer anymore as he becomes an object which can be consumed. Who knows, maybe, Defoe creates some parallels with England of those times.

Footprint and Crusoe’s Loneliness

According to many scholars, the footprint symbolizes the loneliness of Crusoe and his strong desire to become a part of society again. However, there are also opposite thoughts. As soon as the main hero sees this footprint and understands that there is someone else on the island, he thinks that it is an enemy which can be really dangerous for him. The first reaction is negative, and it is hard to comprehend why if the man wants to turn back to the civilization. Hence, one more opinion appears. Some people think that Robinson does not want to be in the modern world among other people. There is thought that he appreciates his loneliness on the island after many years of being here alone.

The Symbol of the Water and Sea

We can comprehend the water and its role in the novel as a certain test for the main hero. Robinson’s difficulties and challenges are mostly connected with it. For example, he is trapped on this island surrounded by the ocean and the catastrophe which disturbs him is a storm. It also shows the ruining power of water. On the other side, it continues to be the symbol of danger and fear for Crusoe even later. The main reason for it is cannibals who came to his island on canoes. He also witnesses the catastrophe of a Spanish ship which proves the power of water and its possibilities to destroy everything. Scholars think that Defoe shows the power of baptism of this way which tries to overcome traditional Christian faith and the way people fight it.

The Friday’s Role

Even if for some people this character seems to be less important than Crusoe, it is much more colorful and exotic for our reader. Defoe shows the difference between the personality of Wildman and Robinson. For example, we can see the way each of them meets their relatives. As a result, the civilized Crusoe never mentions how he misses his family and wants to see them again. Hence, he stays cold while meeting relatives after the years of isolation. At the same time, Friday is extremely happy to see his father. He jumps and screams, therefore, showing his emotions in such a way.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that “Robinson Crusoe” remains one of the most brilliant masterpieces of the English literature. For dozens of years, young people study this novel at school and college and reveal more and more hidden symbols and motifs. Sure, it seems to be an easy book for analyzing that even a kid may cope with. However, even if this is an adventurous novel, it does not mean it is unserious and does not include any serious topics. We hope that you will comprehend all secrets which Defoe has hidden in his work and get more benefits for yourself. Do not forget that reviewing books may be not just a school assignment which you have to complete but also it can bring pleasure and satisfaction to you.

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