Review on “Brave New World”: Analyze Huxley’s Predictions

“Brave New World” is one of the most popular masterpieces of the English literature in bookstores and libraries even nowadays after many years since its creation. Students still enjoy it and appreciate classes dedicated to this novel. There is no wonder why it happens. The majority of things young people are urged to read at school or college seem to be boring and useless. Hence, everyone tries to avoid these activities and miss lectures about such dumb books. Fortunately, “Brave New World” does not fall into the category of hated novels by students. Per contra, a big part of them rereads this story several times as it is really educational and enjoyable at the same time. Keep in mind that it does not mean that it is easy to complete an analysis of this novel. Huxley put lots of hidden symbols and motifs in this story. We tried to reveal at least some of them in this post.

The Power of Innovations and Technology

The main motif of this novel is surely the power of innovative technology. The author says that the progress and development of different systems may not simply bring comfort and pleasure to a human life but also destroy lots of moral and ethical institutions. It can be used as a tool for ruling people and urging them to do anything authorities want. This position takes the central line of the “Brave New World.” This modern, new and highly developed world seems to be a nightmare for a reader. In this way, Huxley warns the mankind from committing such mistakes and letting the government use their lives. Everything which is illustrated in the novel is under the State’s strict control. The stability of this falsely happy world is based on the total control of human mind and actions. The science is used not for improving their quality of life but for making this manipulating tool stronger.

The Ugliness of New Order and Society

The next motif which plays a significant role in the story is absolutely new society. Huxley calls it “The Consumer Society” which seems to be inappropriate and awful for a modern person who reads the novel. The only feeling which these rules cause is disguise as every action is disfigured. Even the appearance of new people is modernized via scientific and medical experiment. They grow up in synthetic conditions and are divided into groups even before their birth. In this way, the government creates new people for controlling them which are suitable for the society and will definitely bring some benefits for the State. There are no individualities among such creatures. They simply do their tests and keep in mind the applied hierarchy.

The Issue of Happiness

The problem of being happy and living a full life is one of the most important in this novel. People in the new worlds cannot be satisfied with the true image of the reality. The proof for it is a drug called soma. Citizens delude themselves in order to change these awful things which surround them to something better and pleasant. This substance lets them do it and see a kind of hallucinations where happiness fills their world. This is a method which authorities use for keeping the right order in the state and preventing any kind of disagreement with the established order among citizens. Revealing the truth by the main hero leads to feeling upset and stressed because of the circumstances. He does not want to suffer from the self-delusion, but it is impossible to reach happiness at the same time.

The Personality of Henry Ford

There are no doubts that this personality of a famous inventor plays an essential role in the novel. He created the Ford Motor Company and reached a huge success as an industrialist. Citizens often call his name in the case of need, failure or any other purpose. It is quite easy to see the parallel between “My Ford” and “My Lord.” Thus, this personality is considered to be god-like in the new world. It can be interpreted as the replacement of religion with technology. Hence, this society fully depends on the technical and scientific progress, and there are no moral and ethical institutions anymore. The habits and sayings of the ordinary citizens prove it.

Alienated People

The main heroes are outstanding because they do not fit in the society and common institutions. They are alienated, and this motif is spread via the novel. This feeling of being separated from others makes the characters motivated and encouraged for the fight against the system. For example, John is not only alienated from the community. He also does not want to be its part according to his own desire and view on the world. He is one of a few people who understand the ugliness of this system. He is different from other citizens who fulfill their duties diligently and have no thought of the wrongfulness of this world.

Difference Between Old and New World

How does a writer illustrate the difference between old and new world? First of all, he does it via Shakespeare’s masterpieces. The main hero John constantly reads his works and tries to find some answers. Thus, we can build several parallels between the modern world where technology rules everything and the old well-known times when people have some moral values and appreciated emotions such as love, friendship and so on. “The Tempest” by Shakespeare has a connection with this Huxley’s novel. It is possible to find some references and parallels after analyzing both texts.

To sum up, there are several important motifs and themes illustrated in the novel which is topical even nowadays. This is an anti-utopia but some of its features are real in our modern world, and technology is becoming more and more influential. Probably the author hides some restrictions and warnings for us in his writing. He shows the terrific consequences of the global modernization and technical development which bring not comfort and pleasure but lots of problems for ordinary citizens. Do not forget that these things are important to avoid, and the progress should not be destroying for the mankind but bring only benefits. We hope that you will easily cope with writing a paper on the “Brave New World.” In the next article, you will be able to find out some good ideas about one more masterpiece of the English literature.

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