Personal Experience Essay: The Best Samples of Topics

There no doubts that the most complicated step of work is the choice of topic. Thus, many young people have doubts while starting their papers because they are not sure if a certain theme is suitable for their assignment or not. It seems to be simple as you should create a text about your personal experience. However, it may be much more difficult than you think. Sure, a lot of college students prefer to describe enjoyable situations from their childhood. Nevertheless, there are also many topics to select except these experiences. Of course, it may be hard for you to generate such ideas on your own as the majority of the youth cannot be sure if their theme is appropriate or it is better to choose something else. That is why we present a number of good examples below.

Overcoming a Fear

Sure, all of us have some personal fears which make us feel stressed and panicked. Sometimes they have absolutely no basis and seem to be minor for other people. At the same time, they are nightmares for us. For example, a person who is afraid of spiders will be terrified while noticing even the smallest one. For others, it looks funny as a rule because a little creature cannot do any harm to humans. However, each of the young people wishes to deal with pointless fears at once. Some of them succeed in overcoming at least one of them. If you are one of these people, it is a pretty good idea to describe your experience of fighting off a certain fear. It may not simply interest the audience but also give your readers the useful advice on how to tackle fright.

Your Bravest Action

It is also a nice topic where you can describe an event where you have shown your bravery. Even the shyest and quietest young people have a certain moment in their life when it is time to be courageous. Thus, many important things depend on you. If you are able to cope with this challenge, there may be lots of pleasant rewards and others’ appreciation. Maybe, you helped a poor person in need, or you might save someone’s life. You can write a story about it and be sure that the audience will like it.

The Most Difficult Choice

It is true that each person has to make at least a few complicated choices in the life. It is natural and many students face this necessity as well. However, not all of them understand that this moment can be presented in their papers. Hence, you have a perfect opportunity to describe your feelings and emotions and also analyze the rightness of the maiden choice. Sometimes such stories help others to cope with difficulties and challenges.

Your Talent

You can explain the way of opening up your talent. It happens that people live without having any idea about their hidden abilities. However, they realize it at once. Such a discovery greatly changes the whole life of this person. Hence, you should describe the situation when your talent has been shown. For example, you were asked to draw a poster while studying at school and then, realized that you had pretty good creative and artistic skills.

All in all, these are pretty good examples of topics which you can use while working on your college assignments or creating posts for a personal blog. Do not forget our tips on the creation of such papers. As a rule, young people use banal writing style and make their stories boring in this way. Try to be original while describing even ordinary events. If you are able to present the information in an amusing way, you will never face disappointment after a professor checks your essay. We hope that these examples of topics are helpful for you and inspire you for creating your own ideas and themes for writing. Thus, you provide a half of the success for yourself while picking a brilliant subject for a paper. In the next article, we will explain the way you should correct and adapt your writing style in order to cope with this type of essays.

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