Personal Experience Essay: Pick the Best Topic

It is true that the hardest thing in all types of papers is the creation of a good topic. This step sets the pace for the whole process of writing. However, college students often commit unpleasant mistakes on this stage of work. As a result, many unfortunate outcomes occur and young people have to deal with these consequences. For example, a bad theme for an essay makes you poorly motivated, so a kind of writing block may appear and stop your work for a long time. In this post, we are going to present the best examples of topics for a personal experience essay. Just look at these ideas and generate some nice themes for writing as well. You can be sure that our article will greatly ease your task.

Childhood Experiences

Sure, this is a central theme for many stories among college students and professional authors. Nevertheless, only a few of young people know how to find a right approach to this subject. Moreover, many young people find that it is a minor theme and there is no possibility to explain things clearly in this way. However, it is not true. As a rule, describing your childhood interesting experiences, various unusual situations and events have a great influence on the audience and can bring you a true success.

  • Try to describe things which happened in your family when you were a child. There could be lots of amusing things which seemed usual for adults. However, you as a kid could notice something wonderful in the routine. Thus, you have a chance of putting down your memories and analyzing when after many years.
  • The event which changed your life when you were a kid could be a very successful topic. Find out things which happened and made you a different person. For example, you could experience some dangerous situations, and someone saved you from this harm. Now, you have an opportunity to explain the way of your self-development while being a child and decide which events have influenced your worldview.
  • Describe people who had a great impact on you in childhood and some events connected to them. As a rule, students pay attention to their relatives. For example, grandparents who could teach them something wonderful or tell stories from the past.
  • You can also pay attention to the average situations and your impression from these events while being a child. Probably it was different from your contemporary point of view. You looked at everything in a more innocent and clear way. Try to show a parallel between your present life concepts and those which you had a lot of years ago. Compare them and decide if your personality has changed for better or not.
  • Recall your childhood friends and situations which you experienced together. Some of them remain your best mates until now. Others are far away, and you have no contact with them. It is a pretty good idea to describe your memories and adventures happened in the past. In the most cases, you will be able to create a full story which can amaze the audience.

Final Advice

All in all, these are examples of topics connected with only one area of several possible variants. However, you can also pay attention to our next post where we are going to describe some important themes. Thanks to our tips and hints, there is no need to waste hours on trying to find the best ideas for your essay. We have already done the hardest part of this process for you. Just learn these examples and use them as the basis while generating your own concepts. Do not forget that you should take your personal tastes and preferences into account while writing. This is the only right way to success.

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