Personal Experience Essay: How to Create It?

Very often, college students face the necessity of creating a personal experience essay. Sure, for many of them, it seems to be an effortless task, and they greatly underestimate its difficulty. As a result, young people have an irresponsible and inattentive approach to writing. They simply ignore the major points which are placed in the instruction and get poor grades after delivering their papers to a professor. It is a typical situation among college students when they undervalue their assignments and feel overconfident while completing them. There is no wonder why so many of them fail. In this post, we will try to support young people who work on such a task.

Select the Topic for Writing

Of course, the first thing you should do is choosing a suitable theme for creating your essay. Your main task is describing some personal experiences. However, you cannot just put down everything which has happened to you and seems to be interesting. You should select a certain event. Only outstanding and influential things can attract the audience and bring you success. Thus, you should analyze your memories diligently. It is also important to decide if you want to write about the recent situation or something which happened in the past. Thus, your reflections will be diverse. In the first case, you will have to fresh memories and be able to describe things in a realistic and clear way. At the same time, while talking about old events, you will pay more attention to your past emotions and analyze them from the present point of view. In this way, you will think more objectively and clearly.

  • For example, you can pick a topic related to your childhood. Thus, you will describe your feelings from the adult point of view. Some of these past things may look minor for you now. However, you saw them differently at the young age. Do not forget that looking back to your child years may be quite amusing for yourself. You will see how much different your views are nowadays.
  • In case you decide to describe one of the situations which has occurred at the college, your essay will be more serious, and you will still have fresh emotions and impressions which let you present things clearly, but they will be influenced by your personal attitude as well. Try not to blur your story with unnecessary emotions as a reader will not be able to catch the main sense in this case.

The Narrator of Your Paper

Probably it is clear that you should write from the first person. It is your essay on personal experiences, so everything should be told from your point of view. You should not worry if this paper looks too univocal. Your task is not discussing things or demonstration someone else’s attitude to a certain issue. The main point is presenting your position and explaining why this experience influences you so much. However, you should not refuse from different literary techniques and constructions while writing. Remember that it is an essay for college but not for a school where simple sentences and plain descriptions are appreciated. That is why you should demonstrate your creative and writing skills. Use metaphors, idioms, sophisticated epithets and any other methods which can make your paper better and more interesting. Nevertheless, it is essential not to overload your text with these things and find a right balance. Remember that it is not a fiction novel. You should try to deliver your real experience but do it in an amusing and original way.

All in all, these are only several steps which you need to know while working on such type of college assignments. There are more prompts to learn if you want to reach success. We are going to present them in the next paper. Hopefully, the first part of work is not complicated for you. Do not forget about taking breaks while working on your essay. Keep in mind that analyzing personal experiences can take a lot of time and efforts as well.

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