Example of the Art Essay: Mother’s Portrait

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After analyzing several great and famous plots which authors use while creating their art pieces, it is time to pay attention to the genre of a portrait. “Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’s Mother” is the most outstanding and original artwork created by James Whistler. He was the artist who preferred the portrait genre and left many creative and unique masterpieces which were placed in the most popular museums and galleries of the world. It is important to be aware at least of the most famous of his works if you wish to be an educated person and reach success in the cultural field. In this post, we try to analyze his artwork and make some conclusions. Pay attention to the points below and get lots of benefits thanks to this information.

The True Story of Its Creation

The artist asked his old mother to be a model for this painting. Her name was Anna McNeill Whistler, and she lived together with her son in London. There were several versions related to the process of creation of this artwork. One of them told that there was another model, but because of some circumstances she was replaced with Whistler’s mother who was too old to stand up for a long time, so the woman on the picture sat down.

The First Rejection

Famous Pictures Exhibited

It is true that now we see this masterpiece as one of the best examples of portraits and everyone is amazed by the artist’s talent. It was even called a Victorian Mona Lisa. However, when Whistler presented this work at first during the exhibition in London established by the Royal Academy of Art in 1872, it was greatly criticized and rejected. Thus, a huge gap between the artist and Academy appeared. It was the last artwork which he presented for this art community. Later, he demonstrated this work in other countries and finally reached success and fame. Hence, some more versions of this picture appeared, and it became the subject of many imitations. This artwork was displayed in major museums and attracted many rich patrons. The artist recalled this success as a kind of a slap in the face to the Academy.

The Symbol of Family Values

Nowadays, this artwork is considered to be the symbol of motherhood, family values, and the connection between children and parents. Even if the artist had always wanted his portraits to be estimated according to their formal and creative features, this painting is appreciated as the cult of the mother. It was very spread since the Victorian era. There even were stamps created as a kind of imitation of Whistler’s artwork. There was a stylized image which the U. S. Post Office applied. This art piece is often used as the basis for different tributes to mothers. Even a huge statue was made basing on this portrait. Moreover, it was the inspiration for many mass media projects, advertisements, and parodies. The author himself called his paintings symphonies. He predicted their fame and popularity on the culture in such a way.

To sum up, this work was exhibited only in the most famous and popular museums and galleries of the world. It gets only positive comments made by both ordinary visitors and professional critics. This masterpiece greatly influenced the genre of portrait and became the basis for many imitations. Many young artists who have the similar style of expression get inspiration from this “Mother’s Portrait” which is a part of popular culture nowadays. It was also mentioned in a number of literary works and movies where this painting even became a part of the plot. Students even notice it in some episodes of cartoons. We hope that ideas described in this article will be useful for you and help you to reach success while writing.


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