Mistakes Which Students Make: Why Is College Harder Than School?

One of the most important arguments which prove that college assignments are much more difficult and demanding than those which young people face at high school is that there are more mistakes and they are hard to fix. Sure, the majority of beginners do not understand the kind of their failures and the major reasons for poor marks. They make the same mistakes again and again which only irritates their professors a lot. Each of these students would like to get rid of these faults at once. Nevertheless, they find that it will take a lot of time and have a number of doubts if it is possible to do without any help. Of course, young people at college do not make simple grammar mistakes as school kids do. They do not build wrong sentences and confuse the meaning of words in their text. Even if such inaccuracies occur, they are rather mechanical faults which appear while typing essays. At the same time, some great mistakes exist and we compile them in this post in order to let you prevent them.

Depending on Someone’s Position

During the school years, young people are taught to follow the rules and instructions. Everyone who breaks them is considered to be an unsuccessful student. Sure, it is very beneficial for discipline and teaches teenagers basic things such as correct behavior, moral, ethical laws and so on. At the same time, young people forget how to think and analyze the situation on their own. As a result, they cannot be self-dependent and confident. It leads to worse quality of their papers where a personal opinion and position should be presented. Sometimes students try to use others’ thoughts just because they are too shy to show theirs. On the other side, these young people may underestimate their skills and abilities and be afraid that their position looks strange and unrealistic for readers of a paper. Constantly depending on other people’s opinion is very harmful to the quality of your essays as this feature is reflected in your texts and make your creative skills look poorly.

Mechanical Errors

As we explained in the previous article, many students rely on computer programs which check spelling and punctuation too much. As a result, a number of mechanical errors occur. Sometimes a correct variant is replaced by a machine’s suggestion. Thus, we get a completely different meaning which can deplete the main sense of your text. It happens that young people do not reread and edit their papers after using this software, so these mistakes become the reason for professor’s irritation and anger. That is why you should stay attentive, notice such errors and fix them before giving a ready-made work to your supervisor. Remember that manual job takes more time, but it is also more effective and brings better results.

Not Enough Argumentation

Do not forget that each of your statements and ideas should have a certain basis. These cannot be just your thoughts in case you research an important topic and present some theories. If you prove a hypothesis and want to make your ideas sound convincing, there should be more valuable arguments than just your opinion. You do not even have a degree in this subject, so your personal position in significant scientific issues does not weight a lot. It is better to refer to influential resources. These may be original documents, archives, works of famous researchers, statistics and so on. Try to use only reliable sources of materials in order to prevent misunderstanding with your professor.

Hopefully, this material is helpful for you and you have got some benefits while reading it. In the next article, you will be able to find much more information on this topic. There will be other typical mistakes which young people make while writing their papers. Just learn our points, and you will provide a great success for yourself.

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