Ideas of the Exotic “Heart of Darkness”: Create a Well-Done Paper

“Heart of Darkness” is considered to be one of the most complicated books in the English literature which often causes active discussions and lots of questions among young people. Moreover, some students dislike this novel because of its cruel descriptions, long explanations and so on. However, it does not mean that this story is not interesting and should not be read at schools or colleges. At the same time, children could barely understand its meaning. This literary masterpiece is more suitable for older students who have more life experience and a formed worldview. Thus, they can estimate this novel correctly and get more benefits for themselves. Nevertheless, even for them, it may be difficult to deal with writing a paper on such a subject. Fortunately, it is not a problem anymore as you can use our example for completing this task.

Imperialism from Conrad’s Point of View

There are no doubts that Conrad has a negative position according to the issue of imperialism. His family suffered a lot because of Russian Empire and its policy against Poles. Thus, author’s father was killed, and a young boy stayed alone with his mother who later died as well. The early period of Conrad’s life was tragic and difficult. There was no wonder why the writer illustrated such issues in a negative light. It formed the disguise and hate to the imperialism for his entire life. At the same time, Conrad had a pretty good attitude towards English colonization of the world and its occupational views. He truly appreciated this country, and this love could be easily recognized through the novels.

Kurz’s Madness

The fact that Kurz was mad was several times mentioned in the novel. This theme is provided through the whole story. However, the main hero does not understand if it is true or not, especially after meeting this man by himself. He even starts appreciating Kurz. However, the audience can clearly see the issues which are the results of being separated from the society and having an absolute authority in a certain place. The main cause of the madness is triggered by the overwhelming power concentrated in one man’s hands. When Kurz is free to do everything he wants, there is no authority in front of him. Thus, he cannot tackle such amount of power if there is no one to control him. It causes madness, and Kurz illustrates this situation perfectly.

The Theme of Darkness

As well as madness, darkness can be recognized in any part of this novel. All described places and situations are surrounded by it. Maybe, this is the reason why so many young people dislike this book and find that it is difficult to read. Africa and Brussels are illustrated in especially gloomy and dark colors. It is true that as soon as the main hero is moving deeper along the river, the situation seems to be much graver and shadowy. Thus, he is heading on right to the heart of darkness. What does it mean? What did the author want to say while using this metaphor? The majority of scholars agree that it means disability to see something important. In this novel, the hero does not notice local people and their suffering. The author even describes them as shadows which move in the woods but not as individuals with their personal thoughts and desires.

The Motif of Nature and Wilderness

It plays a significant role as well. Nature surrounds the main heroes during the whole novel. It symbolizes the danger for people who came to a foreign land for conquering it. As we have already said, locals are connected with the wilderness closely. They even merge with the woods, and it is impossible to recognize a person in the dark shadows of trees. Thus, we can understand this motif as the general symbol of local people and imperialist invasion to their place. For Negroes, Africa is a native place, so they can feel freely while being in the wilderness. Their beliefs and religions are related to nature and its phenomenon. Nevertheless, for white people who are strangers in this place, nature brings nothing except deaths and dangers.

Summing up, there are several important motifs illustrated in this novel. Thus, young people should be attentive while reading in order not to miss anything significant. Even if these things seem to be complicated for understanding and even boring, it is essential to deal with them. Do not forget that there are many significant symbols which are topical even nowadays. The author tries to show tragic consequences of inequality between people and explains why it should be reduced in a normal society. It is impossible to stay happy and get satisfaction from life if you rule other people and try to concentrate all power in your hands.

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