English Anti-Utopia Analysis: Ideas for a Book Review of “1984”

Several generations are amazed by this masterpiece of the English literature. It still has high selling rates in bookstores and students never skip seminars dedicated to this novel. “1984” by George Orwell is really outstanding and unique among other anti-utopia books. You will never get bored while reading this novel as it may happen in the case of Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe” which many students find overloaded with descriptions. Do not forget that there may be some warnings and restrictions for modern people. Thus, it is essential to read this book and understand its true sense. However, not everyone can cope with such a task. The majority of people can see only obvious things written by the author but miss a number of important symbols and do not comprehend the motifs. It is a pity, especially if a young person gets a task of creating a review on “1984”. Do you want to avoid troubles while writing? Learn our ideas and prompts. We compiled only the best and the most reliable information for you.

The Critic of Totalitarianism System

Definitely, the main purpose of George Orwell’s work is to demonstrate the terrific outcomes of totalitarianism and its possibilities. It is a political novel which can be a great warning for the West audience. The author himself saw these consequences of the system of full control in Russia and Spain. Thus, he decided to illustrate his thoughts and position via his writing. He understood that other nations should prevent such policies and not let communism spread among the world. Of course, for the Western countries, a totalitarianism system was quite unknown and experimental. Thus, their views on this problem were not realistic and human. Orwell, per contra, understood that it entailed cruel attitude towards people, depleting their rights and freedoms. He also saw the way authorities used technology to monitor citizens and set a full control on all spheres of social life. Hence, he portrayed this system and showed the harmfulness and dangers of absolute power.

The Issue of Propaganda

In the world of the total control, there is no freedom for people’s thoughts and opinions. Everything is monitored and citizens can only have a position inflicted by the Party. How? The well-known but still effective methods of propaganda are used. For example, the needed opinion may be spread via television. Even failures which the governments experience are shown as a huge success. Moreover, authorities always remind people that each of their actions and steps is controlled by the Big Brother. He is watching, and any attempt to break the established order will be strictly punished. There are tons of microphones and cameras in the city that can notice even the smallest breaking of the established system and disloyalty to the Party. Another pretty good sample is the creation of organizations which all kids should attend. The Junior Spies urge young people to monitor their parents’ actions and give the information about any offend to the Party.

A Full Control of the Past and Present

It is true that the Party is able to control each stage of person’s life. Citizens cannot keep anything about their family story, for example, photos. The history can be changed as the government wants it to be. The influence of the system is so strong that it can make people think differently about their past and even the memories may become redesigned. It illustrates that without a good knowledge of the history, people are not able to improve their present. They simply follow the things propagandized by the Party. Technology is used for this purpose as well. Devices which are created for reaching a good goal are exploited for controlling citizens.

The Personage of Big Brother

Big Brother is mentioned in the novel many times but it is not illustrated directly. No one knows who is this man and if he really exists. Thus, Winston thinks that he is not a person but the Party itself which creates such a personage for providing a better propaganda and controlling citizens. Probably, it is true. This character is pretty good for making people rely on him and be afraid of his absolute power at the same time. The city is full of posters which say that Big Brother is watching. However, tons of cameras hidden on the streets do this for real. It proves that such a character may be created by authorities just for making their propaganda more persuasive and stronger.

The Prole Woman

This woman whom Winston sees symbolizes the chance for the society to change this established by the Party order. She is the symbol of hope for a better future and the next generation which will start a rebel against the system and destroy the full-controlling government. Hence, although things are really bad and everything is monitored, there is still a small possibility to end this terrible totalitarianism and create a pleasant life for citizens. The author creates a dull image of the world under such a control but leaves some place for hope as well.

All in all, it is hard to disagree that George Orwell’s novel is a real masterpiece of the English literature. It is also a great warning for citizens. Hence, young people should be careful because they are responsible for the future. It means that being incogitant and poorly educated leads to such consequences. Citizens do not want to think on their own and trust propaganda which depletes their lives and freedom. Orwell teaches the audience lots of different things and demonstrates the harmfulness of the absolute power in the hands of one social class. We hope that you will comprehend the symbols of this work and its main sense.

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