Do Students Really Need Social Network?

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Everywhere: in parks, at restaurants, in subways and even during the lectures, students are continuously clicking on the screens of their smartphones. They are addicted to social networks, days and nights writing messages, and commenting on the pictures. They find Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more important than the real human communication. Let us clarify, if it is possible to live without these devices.

To Be Cool

Everybody wants to be better than they are. Social networks are the best places for this. If you cannot be a star in a real life, you can become popular online. More «likes» from other people, more friends, even if you are not familiar with half of them – this is what is important. Cool videos and music, more and more pictures determine your popularity. Nevertheless, to be cool on the Internet does not mean to be cool in real life. A virtual life does not give you a good knowledge that could be used at the university or help expressing yourself in everyday life.


Kid Playing

If you are a student now, you probably had a childhood without social networks. You were lucky enough to enjoy playing football with your friends, blowing bubbles, flying a kite. These simple things made us so happy during our childhoods! We took joy in seeing our friends in the yard, but not writing messages on Facebook. We did not even have enough time to take pictures, considering our eyes to be the best camera. We found pleasure in travelling, getting away from it all. Even if we took some pictures, we did not take them for other people. We just wanted to have some sweet memories, but not in order to upload them to an Instagram account. The children, who were born in the 21st century, probably will not be so lucky as we were.


There are many websites, where students can find pen-pals and write letters to them. In this aspect, the Internet is very convenient. Also, students can make many friends while travelling around the world or taking part in various international projects. They find each other on the web and this helps them to keep in touch. On the other hand, there are young people who live on the same street or even in the same dorm. Thus, these people prefer writing messages, rather than walking and chatting with each other offline. It is a pity that we forget about a live communication, finding the photos of our friends in the social networks better than seeing their eyes, hearing their voices, and just spending time together in a real life.


If you are a student and single, you probably want to fall in love with some beautiful girl or handsome boy. It sounds romantic: your student years you have spent together with someone in a fulfilling relationship. However, social networks play their role even concerning this issue. Students become so lazy, willing to have everything at this exact minute, that we look for a boyfriend or girlfriend on the social network websites. It is the beginning of the loss of value of true love. Is it a normal situation, when a boy writes hundreds of messages to many girls asking them to be his girlfriend? It will not be surprising if boys make proposals to girls just writing a message on Facebook in the future. Social networks substitute the old good romantic deeds with the new realities. The process has already started and we barely can do anything with this.

Student Life

One cannot forget that social networks can be useful for the university life. You can easily create a dialogue and communicate with each other on the social networks. You can ask your group mates about your home task if you were absent during the lectures. You can clarify some urgent questions with them as well. Secondly, there are many groups which give you information about different subjects you are interested in. You can watch videos, read articles, which will give you information about something that you like. It is also a source of information, which allows you to watch the news and keep track of events. Social networks are a source of the news, so you can learn about what important events happen in the world almost immediately.

No doubt, social networking is a good thing, and most of the students cannot live without it. The question is in the way you use it. You can sit clicking on the buttons of your phone, forgetting about your friends and the real world, or you can combine two options: communicating with your distant friends, using the network in order to learn something useful, and speaking with people who surround you offline.

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