Sample of an Essay on Art: “The Scream”

The Scream

Sure, “Guernica” is difficult to understand and its meaning is hidden deeply. However, it is time to work on the next piece of art. One of the most famous masterpieces in the world is “The Scream” by the Expressionist artist Edvard Munch. It is also called “The Scream of Nature.” Why is it so highly appreciated by the public? It seems that there is nothing special in this artwork until you reveal its meaning and originality. This is one of the major examples of the expressionism. It is a symbol of this genre and many people recall it in mind while talking about art. Many scholars find that Munch predicted some future events and moods via his drawing. For example, we can see many features of the modernism such as the theme of loneliness, alienation and so on. In this article, we present the best ideas on this topic which you can use in your analysis.

The General Description

Probably the first thing which everyone notices is an extremely simple figure which screams. It is so plain that even reminds us a skeleton. It is an interesting fact that the lines of nature on the second plan are closely connected with the form of this figure. It looks like everything on this picture is under the great impression of this scream and its power. There are several versions related to this feature. Some researchers think that Munch has shown the scream of nature and the way this person is affected by it and even agonized. On the other side, it may be a human scream which influences everything around.

The Inspiration of the Author

Munch left several comments about this drawing and the story of its creation. It is amusing to understand the source of artist’s inspiration. He told that he has been walking with his friends at once. Munch felt exhausted after a long walk and paid attention to the bright sunset. His friends went away, but the artist stayed at this place and could not move because of this powerful scream of nature. Munch had created several versions of this picture before the world saw the final one. All his friends told that he was trying to draw this sunset and nurtured this idea for a long time. There are some other variants of the way Munch has got inspired for this picture. For example, some scholars find that screams at butchery near Oslo, and the local asylum have been combined in the powerful cry. Thus, the artist was impressed by this sound greatly and created this piece of art. Some researchers of his biography think that Munch has been influenced by the exposition in one of the museums. Mummies have been shown there and the figure on the front reminds us of them.

Several Versions

As we mentioned, Munch had created several versions before the final one which was called “The Scream.” However, it is an interesting fact that he has made few variants of this picture drawn in different styles and with using various materials. All of them are located in diverse museum,s and a single one is owned by a private person. These drawing often become the target for burglars. They have been stolen several times. The first time it happened in 1994 in the National Gallery in Oslo, and this painting was recovered a few years later undamaged.

To sum up, this drawing is truly outstanding and this is the reason for its high popularity. This picture is frequently presented in the mass and television culture. Many movies, characters, and parodies have been created thanks to the famous figure which screams in agony. Probably there is no student who cannot recognize this picture and name its author. There are no doubts that this painting should be researched even more and a person should find a chance to see it on its own. The impression from this artwork will be unforgettable. We hope that you will use the information from this article and reach success.

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