Example of the Art Essay: “The Starry Night”

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“The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh is known by everyone, and even children can recognize this post-impressionist painting. Many critics find this work the best among others created by this artist. However, it is also important to be aware of the story of its creation, main ideas, and symbols which this work has. Is it possible to provide a good analysis of this artwork while being just a college student? Sure, it is a complicated assignment for the majority of the youth. However, we will try to give you some basic ideas on this theme and ease your work in this way. In the previous post, we presented the short analysis of “The Scream” and you can get inspired for writing thanks to them as well.

Van Gogh in Asylum

At the period of the creation of this painting, Van Gogh had some serious problems with the mental health. He had a breakdown and cut his ear because of it. Thus, he was rushed to the asylum. The artist created many famous works there, for example, Irises and his well-known self-portrait. Nevertheless, the most grandiose of his artworks was “The Starry Night” made as the result of his studying of a night sky. He tried to create such a painting many times and several its variations were successful as well but this masterpiece is considered to be genial among other pieces of the modern art.

Observation and Imagination

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It is true that this artwork is not simply drawn by the author who had seen such a view in the reality. It is a combination of his observations and imagination. Probably the most important and central object on this painting is a morning star. Van Gogh wrote to his brother that he saw this star from his window in the asylum and it looked extremely big and great in the sky. However, the steeple of a church is connected with his memories. He saw the building of this type not in France but in Holland. Thus, we cannot say that this painting is created without fantasy features and imaginary additions. The artist accumulates a lot of things in this drawing. However, the main inspiration which made him create this artwork is surely nature. Van Gogh in his letters to brother wrote many times about the beauty of the night. He claimed that it was more colorful than a day and it was important to notice these wonderful things.

The Symbols

Sure, the artist probably had added some important symbols in his painting and scholars tried to reveal at least some of them. For example, a cypress tree is a significant object in the picture. It is flame-like, and it looks like it can touch the sky. That is why many researchers find that the artist shows the link between earth which represents life and sky which is presented as the heaven in such a way. However, there are no objective facts which prove it. Also, these trees are symbols of graveyard and morning. Van Gogh said that we could get to stars only after the death. He also dreamed a lot about them and their beauty. The artist regretted that people could not see the stars clearly as they are too far and there is no way to travel to them except death. Thus, we can interpret them as the symbols of heaven.

All in all, this work is really outstanding, and it is proved not only by professional art critics but also by lots of ordinary people, representatives of mass culture and so on. Nowadays, this is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. Hence, everyone is amazed by the sense of this work, its colors and forms. The personal style which Vincent Van Gogh used is truly amazing, and no one can argue that it is not wonderful. Hopefully, you will cope with the analysis of this work and get an excellent mark thanks to out tips and ideas.


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