Example of the Art Essay: “The Birth of Venus”

Art Exposition

After describing some masterpieces of the modern art such as a picture created by Vincent van Gogh which we have analyzed in the previous post, it is time to turn back to the past and research the legendary painting by Sandro Botticelli “The Birth of Venus.” Sure, it is not easy to understand all symbols and allusions which the artist put in this picture. However, it is a good work for analyzing at the same time as you have a big area for research and can develop a true interest in this sphere. We prepared some great and useful ideas for you in order to ease your task and make the process of writing more satisfying and productive.

The Story of Creation

It is true that there are lots of different variations of the story of the creation of this artwork. The majority of researchers came to an agreement that this masterpiece had been ordered by one of the members of Medici’s family. It was considered that Botticelli created “The Birth of Venus” under the influence of Lorenzo Medici and this work was located in their house for a long time. Nevertheless, there were no exact documents which could prove this version. These are only suggestions which do not include any original facts. On the other side, there is a variant which says that the artist has made this art piece for one of his wealthy contemporaries, but then, it has been transmitted to Lorenzo Medici. Simonetta Vespucci was the model for Botticelli, and she had relationships with one of the members of Medici’s family.

The Plot

Person Reading Myth

We see one of the traditional antique plots which illustrate the birth of Venus. It is well-known around the world nowadays, but it is still a great question how Botticelli has been inspired to draw this painting. He used the story similar to the one which was created by Homer. The artist could not read anything about this Roman plot because libraries were quite small in those times. According to historical documents, the majority of Botticelli’s contemporaries had about 30 books. These were mostly religious things. Thus, it looked like the artist had got this information while visiting the meetings of the intellectuals of Florence. He could have got in touch with one of the poets who explained this plot in their literary pieces. Maybe he could talk to some philosophers who tried to connect the classical antique studies with Christianity. One of the major figures was Venus who symbolized humanity, mercy, and love. Anyway, these items influenced the society and Botticelli a lot, so his masterpiece was created under the impact of these things.

Innovations and Techniques

Botticelli followed the philosophy presented by the contemporary artists and other works written by artists who tried to find out new techniques and methods of painting. Thus, he used the specific way of getting a blue color. Lazurite was pretty good for this purpose and Botticelli via several manipulations with this material reached the perfect tone for his painting. He also used the method of painting with gold while working on the Venus’ mantle. Botticelli covered his work with a specific substance and thanks to it the picture remained undamaged for a long time. Moreover, he did not add too much fat to his paints, so it helped to save this artwork in a perfect condition.

To sum up, there are several important facts to keep in mind about this work. Without any doubts, we are talking about the outstanding artist whose pieces of art are amazing even after several centuries. Scholars have not discovered the real story of its creation and the sources of inspiration which the artist uses. Thus, there are lots of secrets which should be revealed. However, only a small part of the young people really understands the sense and specialties of this painting. We hope that our examples of ideas for the art analysis will help you to complete such a writing task quickly and reach the best quality.

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