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Writing an art analysis is one of the most widespread tasks at college and high school. Sure, it seems to be quite easy: you only need to find a nice picture or any other masterpiece and describe it. This is the way the majority thinks. However, this assignment may be much harder for real. How can a young person tackle it? Is it possible to create a good paper while being an amateur art critic? Anyway, you can try, but some tips and hints given by experienced specialists are necessary. We compile them in this article and hope that these prompts will be useful for you.

Art Elements

Art Masterpieces

Of course, this kind of task has its specialties and features which you should keep in mind. Many students think that it is possible just to put down their personal position and attitude to a certain piece of art. Nevertheless, you should analyze the significant elements first of all. This will be the basis of your essay, and you should keep in mind all these specialties.

  • Lights play an important role in any work as they create a certain impression and influence the comprehension of this masterpiece. Sometimes young people pay a little attention to this feature. However, it is possible to describe contrasts, shadows, emphasis and many other factors which make this work so special and original. The most outstanding authors concentrate on lights and modify them according to the needs.
  • Colors also matter a lot. Sure, you will have to indicate if they are cold or warm in general but even a schoolchild can do it. Your task is analyzing these colors in details and trying to understand why the author uses them. Maybe, these are symbols which you should reveal.
  • The issue of space is significant as well. You should analyze the way an artist places things on his picture. Maybe, he tries to deliver a certain meaning or put an accent on something. Many of the authors use different tricks with perspective and make their works more interesting and unusual in such a way.
  • Lines should be researched very well because they can show the exact style of a picture or an age when it has been created. Anyway, you should pay attention if they are straight, curved, flowing and so on. Thus, you should put down each detail and explain how it influences the general comprehension of this work. It is especially important if you analyze sculpture or architecture. Lines indicate a lot of things in these cases, so you should focus on them.
  • Of course, it is essential to take all the shapes into account while analyzing a certain piece of art. Try not to miss anything important. Different age appreciates various shapes. For example, the baroque has been mostly dynamic, great and sophisticated. Everything on a picture demonstrates this energy and wealth from shapes to warm and bright colors.

Summing up, these are necessary points to put down in a section where you analyze a certain masterpiece. Try to sort things and write them in a right order. The layout is the best thing to avoid mess and confusion while writing this essay. For example, first of all, you analyze shapes, then, you can pay attention to colors and so on. Hence, this part of paper may be divided into some smaller sections which you can fill with the information. Keep in mind that if you analyze a well-known and popular work, there are some good materials on the internet. While being inexperienced and young, you can make some mistakes while trying to explain the shades and emphasis put by the author. Thus, it is better to check your thoughts and arguments with some reliable art sources, for example, surveys provided by scientists. We hope that this kind of writing will be easy and pleasant for you as it is always wonderful to get in touch with art. In the next post, we are going to continue this theme.


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