About Me and My Life of a Blogger



Hope, you have already looked through some of our posts. If not, it is still okay. You can return to the blog after you do me a little favor and have a quick look at a few words about who I am and what I am doing on the other side of your screen. Get ready! We are going to reveal some things about which you might have thought somehow while searching the Net, but which do remain puzzling and therefore are mostly set aside. Nevertheless, they are still worth paying attention to, and now you will find out why.

Some Reflections Before I Introduce Myself

Have you ever experienced that strange but joyful feeling after you helped someone but he or she could not know that it was you? Or, on the contrary: in your life there must have been at least one situation when someone did something really nice to you but you never knew who that someone was.

On the one hand, things like these may seem just trifles, which do not actually need attaching big weight. However, on the other hand, you are very likely to realize that in the first case you cannot help being curious about what the person, who you helped, thinks and feels at the moment. In the second case, you cannot help wondering who was that wonderful man/woman/guy/girl (underline what applicable or add your option) with his/her/its so opportune help. So, it turns out that we still try to keep the connection with this unfathomable someone, but whether we manage it successfully or not is another question.

Today, when we have plenty of multifunctional technologies at our personal disposal, indeed we hardly ever know who does some very common and simple things, as they usually seem to be, for us. Of course, the evidence of a doctor’s or shop assistance’s help goes without saying. Yet, ask yourself: do you ever think about that guy who processes your orders when you are buying things on-line? And what about those specialists who control all mobile networks, providing round-the-clock connection between you and your friends who may live in a different part of the world?

So, have you caught the idea?

About Me in More Details


Laptop and Coffee

Well, about three years ago I decided to start using the benefits, provided to me by the World Wide Web, to create something absolutely new with my own brains and hands. Right, I started blogging. I did not have friends who could at least advise me how to name my first effort (because I cannot call it “a real blog”), to say nothing about prompting me where to click to type my very first sentence in my own “blog” and to make it visible for other users. However, what I definitely had at that time was my irrepressible enthusiasm and true love for writing.

Yes, I was one of those crazy students who got excited to show what they could when they were assigned another school essay or college research paper. Actually, I also used to write some short articles for our college magazine and speeches for most of my mates who tried to run for our class, and school, and then college presidents. By the way, there was one friend of mine who did win! I should admit, this fact still pleases my ego.

But I have deviated from my main topic.

So, after I posted a few articles in my first blog, as any other beginner, I waited for the reaction to them. However, there were only a few “views” but no “likes” or comments, or followers. Was I upset? Well… Yes, of course, I was! I felt just broken. But still my enthusiasm was with me and a voice whispered into my ear: “Dude, don’t panic. Get yourself in hands and think what you can do”.

I started searching for the ways out of my inner writer’s block. And I found them! I followed the guidelines offered by professional bloggers, and then I changed my mind, and searched for some other ideas. Still, the two things I never doubted about were my own style and my faith in my ability to write. If it appeared that my style really needed some upgrading, my faith and confidence in my success stood me in a good stead when I was desperate.

I do not know whether you dream of your own blog or not, but whatever you dream of, you must never give up and believe in yourself! Consider it my credo and my first tip for you to follow.

Some Other Blogging Tips for You If You Know What I Mean

Here are a few strategies I came up with while trying to get what I have now. Hope, they will be as handy for you as they were, and actually still are, for me.

  • Do not procrastinate: if you want to start blogging, start today. Now!
  • Search for other blogs and pay attention to how they are structured.
  • Contact bloggers and ask them questions. They all are really nice guys.
  • Learn more about all these smart things about how to update and upgrade your blog. It is not that complicated.
  • Blog about what you like and what you are really interested in.

So, this is my story and some advice for you.

Thank you for reading me!