4 Basic Morning Rules Gonna Literally Make Your Day

Sleepy Students

No matter what the well-known owl-or-lark test told you, you still find it difficult to deal with the thought that in the morning you’re supposed to wake up and go to class by default or ask for help at https://essaylook.com/write-my-essay don’t you? Poking out of your warm blanket, which seems to be your only consolation in this cruel morning world, you start to think that Its Majesty the Time has turned against you and definitely uses your alarm clock as a weapon.

If you are quite good at English, in the morning you’ll catch the essential difference between the phrases “I usually get up early” and “I usually wake up early” better than at any other time of the day. You know perfectly well that even though you manage to get up let’s say at 6 a.m., it takes you from fifteen minutes to one hour more to actually wake up.

In case you are more biologically or psychologically inclined, you probably wish your inner lark, which had been discovered by the above-mentioned test, was much fonder of mornings than it is and had less habits of a typical owl.

Whatever, morning is an inevitable thing. Let’s stay optimistic and assume that it’s really great. Despite the fact that another morning will never show any interest in your personal wish to get out of your cozy bed, it will bring you a new day as an excuse for its natural arrogance.

Your Every New Day in Numbers

Before we move to what we need for a perfect morning, let’s see what we need a perfect morning for. No, it’s not going to be about century-old and time-tested philosophical truths about a new day’s delights which are repeated over and over by modern celebrities and newly-fledged writers. Below you will find only cold statistics and unbiased real facts. Hopefully, these numbers will motivate you even better than slightly hackneyed quotes put together.

Your Time Is Your Money

Assuming that you should sleep at least 6 hours, you’ve got about 18 hours more at your own disposal. Make a few simple calculations and you’ll see that these are 1080 minutes you are given for free every day. Of course, it’s up to you what you spend this time on. However, if you imagine that this is the money the Universe gives you for one day, you should think carefully what is really worth these minutes.

Know What You Think

Brain and Science

It was estimated that a human brain is able to process about 70,000 thoughts per day, including your dreams as they are kind of products or consequences of what you think. Well, if so many things can be naturally stored inside your brain, why clutter it up with the thoughts like who has decided that classes must start so early? You’d better think about that nice morsel of something delicious you are going to eat for breakfast. By the way, we will discuss the importance of breakfast below.

What About the Internet?

According to the data published by the Statista Statistics Portal, in 2014 teens at the age of 16-19 spent online a little more than 7 hours a day, including various aspects of the Internet usage. There’s no doubt that a modern school or college student can’t help using the Internet for educational purposes. To put it simply, you do need the Internet when you’re doing your home assignments or working on a creative project. Nevertheless, you should agree that these activities can’t take away all 7 hours of your precious time. So reconsider the things you do when you’re online and decide whether some of them are just a waste.

The Beauty of an Early Morning

Here you will discover some facts which are based on different kinds of research and prove why you should treat morning time with greater respect.

Forbes has named ten top advantages a person can get from waking up early in the morning. Let’s check which of them are the most practical.

  • A 2008 Texas university study found out that those college students who identified themselves as larks earned better grades on their GPAs.
  • It was also discovered that the people who tend to wake up early deal with their problems much more easily and solve them faster.
  • Morning people, as they are also called, are believed to have more optimistic and peaceful characters.
  • Besides, “larks” are considered to be better at planning and time management as they usually have more on their hands.

Finally, 4 Promised Morning Rules

Now when you’ve already summed up your time expenditures and familiarized yourself with the facts about morning people, offered by Forbes, it’s the right time to check a few effective tips for your really good morning. Remember that your morning sets the tune for your whole studying day, so the thoughts and emotions you wake up with do matter for both your well-being and success.

Rule #1 Forget About Your Diet if It Denies Breakfasts

Tea, Jam and Toasts

An old proverb teaches to share lunch with a friend and give dinner to an enemy, but breakfast is what you must definitely eat by yourself. In case you have a special diet and your breakfast menu is prescribed by your doctor, then of course you should follow it. However, if you follow one of those diets that make you refuse from your breakfast, give them up right now. Your breakfast should be healthy and light, but nutritious. Before the meal it’s also recommended to have a glass of warm water with lemon.

Rule #2 Do At Least Some Physical Activities

The prospect of jogging may be really unattractive at 6 a.m. after you have hardly managed to turn off your naughty alarm clock. Instead, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for jumping out of your bed, literally. Such an idea sounds more than just painful, but it does work. Besides, it’s simply ridiculous, so this is what can make you smile. In its turn, smiling is also very useful in the morning as this action cooperates with special hormones, which are responsible for your good mood. Move around your house as more as you can, but not very fast and chaotically, if you really don’t want to do any physical exercises. You can even dance if you like.

Rule #3 If You Feel Like Writing Something down, Don’t Hesitate to Write

You can start with making a to-do list for your day. However, this is not where your fantasy is limited by some everyday needs. Write something for your diary or blog if you have one. Write down your dreams, describe your emotions and feelings. If they are positive, you’ll remind yourself once again about how happy you really are. On the other hand, if something disturbs you, you can pour everything out on paper or your Notes app and feel a little better. Positive mindset is right what you need for a good day.

Rule #4 Find Time for Yourself

Yes, in the morning. Writing can be included in this time. Don’t reach for your phone to check the messages or news. The absence of messages may upset you, either may the presence of some news. Talk to your parents, play with your dog, or stop in front of the window for a silent while and look outside. Morning is the beginning of something great you will be doing during the day, so don’t waste your early hours away.

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